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Faculty Search Committee Tools

Using a set of candidate evaluation tools is a best practice for conducting a fair and inclusive faculty search. Not only is this a best practice, but it also saves the search committee time and energy, and allows them to focus on discussing each candidate’s qualifications objectively.

The tools on this page were developed here at U.Va. and at other universities. The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, working with a group of Equity Consultants, developed and tested the Faculty Search Tool package available on this page. The tools can be tailored to fit the departmental needs and evaluation criteria developed by each faculty search committee. These tools are intended to make the search process easier, more inclusive of diverse applicants, and to limit implicit bias in the search process. The tools can always be improved to meet faculty needs and we welcome any feedback and suggestions from committee members.

Using the Tools

Make sure you have reviewed the information on the role and charge of a search committee before beginning the search process.

To minimize conflict and increase the productivity of search committee meetings, the committee should establish processes, such as how notes will be taken, how decisions will be made, and other matters. The committee should also establish ground rules and evaluation criteria before any candidate’s materials are reviewed.

To begin this process, download the Faculty Search Committee checklist, and review the steps with the search committee members. As the search committee works through the checklist, download the tools from this site as you need them or you can download them all at once.

Faculty Search Committee Tools

Mouse over the name of the tool to understand how it works, click the download link to download each tool.

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