Search Strategy: Signal your Commitment to URM Women

The way a candidate is treated by everyone they come in contact with, the mostly white and mostly male faces at candidate talks, the kinds of support and faculty development available for diverse faculty, all send signals to URM women—and to all candidates—about what life will be like in your department/school and the University if they were to accept an offer (Tuitt, Sagaria and Turner 2007).  Here are some ways to send positive signals to faculty candidates who are URM women.

  1. Offer Faculty Learning Communities for URM Women. Within a school or across the university, offer a group or groups that focus on the specific professional development needs of URM women, who are often “solos” in their departments or schools.
  2. Candidate talks.   Consider inviting women and faculty of color from related disciplines at UVa to candidate talks given by URM women candidates.
  3. Connections. Point URM women candidates (and all candidates) to the Faculty Guide, and specifically to the section that lists faculty contacts willing to share information about resources at U.Va. and in the Charlottesville area that might be helpful to candidates from diverse backgrounds 


"Trying to feel that you belong in a ...[predominantly white institution] is very difficult, and sometimes isolation overwhelms you. However, it all changes when you can sit down in a group of women that understand you and that you feel 'safe' around". (Flores and Garcia, 2009)